College Union

The College Union is intended to promote the social and cultural life of students and to train them in the rights and duties of citizenship. It also helps in the development of their personalities and skills.

All students of the college are members of the college union. The various office bearers are elected by the students. The office bearers include: the 1) Chair- man 2) Vice Chairman 3) General Secretary 4) & 5) University Union Councillors 6) Arts club Secretary 7) Magazine Editor 8) Lady Representatives.

The College Union promotes many cultural activities. It safeguards the rights of the students and supervises the yearly publication of the college magazine.

The College Union strives to attain the objectives mentioned in Rules of Gen- eral Discipline.

N.C.C (Senior boys & Senior girls division)

The National Cadet Corps aims at providing service training to university students. It also helps in the development of personality, character and leader- ship. ‘Unity & Discipline’ is the motto of National Cadet Corps.

The students joining the N.C.C. get opportunity to take part in various camps, mountaineering etc. Weightage of marks is given for those students who attend the N.C.C. parades.

The members of the N.C.C. are eligible to appear for ‘B’ certificate & ‘C’ certificate examinations. Those who obtain ‘C’ certificate and have secured a degree can appear for direct commission in the S.S.B. and Defence Force without appearing for U.P.S.C. Examinations.


The N.S.S Unit aims at serving the community along with education. It is in- tended to make the students conscious of the importance of being useful to the society. Membership to N.S.S is open to boys & girls. The volunteers are expected to work for the unit for a minimum 120 hours a year. The volunteers of N.S.S get weightage marks for admission to various courses of study and grace marks in the university examinations.

College Magazine

The annual review of the college shall be titled the ‘PAULIST’

1.The Principal is the Ex. Officio President of the Committee.
2.The Chief Editor is to be nominated from among the staff
3.The elected student magazine editor acts as the Chief Student Editor for Arts, Science, Hindi & Malayalam Sections.

Theatre Club

Debate Club

St. Paul’s College debating society attempts to locate talented youth with oratorical potentialities and to promote their communication and advocacy skills backed by critical and creative thinking. It envisions to provide pupils with the scope of developing divergent thinking and to articulate them with intelligible coherent reasoning that would certainly enable students to take on leadership roles at an early age. Everyone is welcome to join. The society supports its members with expert training, friendly sessions, and ample practice.

Quiz Club

The Quiz Club of St. Paul’s College, Kalamassery has been formed to hone the quizzing skills and encourage the talents of the student community. Besides conducting quizzes and forming the college teams, it also facilitates the students’ participation in Quiz programmes in other institutions.

Film Club

Music Club

Music is the beautiful language that creates a bond between people regardless of age, creed, culture and nationality. It acts as an epithet of intellect, discipline, emotion and expression. Music Club of St. Paul’s is formed to identify the musical talents of students and to provide them with opportunities to exhibit them. It is one of the very active clubs as it has a role to play in every important function that happen in the college. The club trains and promotes the singing birds to participate in various musical competitions as well as to develop aesthetics of melody.

IT Awareness Club

I.T. awareness Club gives proper knowledge about the fast growing I.T. world. The club assists students for the efficient use of different devices. Club activities familiarize the students, all about the new facilities and software available in the field of I.T. and make lifestyle more suitable for the fast growing world. It makes the students aware of cyber laws and cyber crimes and help them to proceed in the right direction.

Econ Club

Jesus Youth

Jesus Youth is an International Catholic Youth Movement organized by the Roman Catholic church in the mid-1970s to foster catholic values and spirituality among the catholic students. The movement invites its youth to follow a lifestyle based on the life of Jesus Christ to become the light of the world. The strength of the movement is its special focus on a life centered on the Lord Jesus Christ: beginning with an experience of God nourished by prayer, the Word of God, the sacraments and fellowship, and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with others to become enlightened youth.

Vincent De Paul

Nature Club

The Nature Club of St. Paul’s College was established in 1996. The main objectives of the club are to make aware the students the importance of enviornmental protection, sustainable use of resources and conservation of biodivorsity. The main activities of the club are organising seminars, exhibitions, tree planting, taking students to nature camps and trekking to wild life sanctuaries and national parks.

Tourism Club

Tourism Club was started in the year 2002 with the help of District Toursim Promotion Council. The club offers guidance to carreers in toursim. The club organises tours to near by tourist spots to understands the impacts of toursim, and promotes interest in enviornmental debates etc.

Philately Club

Women Empowerment Club

This Cell aims at empowering and developing the personalities of the College’s women students. It organizes programmes for the benefit of both the students and the local community and it seeks to enable students to do well in life, regardless of gender.

Entrepreneurship Development Club

The college has a vibrant Entrepreneurship Development Club. The aim of the club is to inculcate the culture of entrepreneurship among the students. We conduct classes ,discussions, experience sharing of successful business people and industrial visits to equip them with knowledge, skill, technique and confidence which are essential for a good entrepreneur.

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  • Rev. Fr. Felix Chakkalakkal
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  • Principal :
  • Mrs. Mary Jelthruth K. V. MSc, Mphil