The N.S.S Unit aims at serving the community along with education. It is intended to make the students conscious of the importance of being useful to the society. Membership to N.S.S is open to boys & girls. The volunteers are expected to work for the unit for a minimum 120 hours a year. The volunteers of N.S.S get weightage marks for admission to various courses of study and grace marks in the University examinations.



Snehasparsham- helping hand for poor


It is a program conducted by the N.S.S. volunteers of St.Paul’s College, to provide necessary items to a needy family every month. The necessary items were given to a poor family. The items were collected from N.S.S. volunteers.


On 21st June 2019, N.S.S. volunteers of St. Paul’s college attended an awareness class on the topic Road safety conducted by Motor Vehicle Department of Kerala, SCMS college and Kinder Hospital.The class was so informative and helped us to know about the do’s and dont’s while facing with an accident. It also showed all the different safety measures to be taken on and off the road. Students from different colleges came to attend the seminar.


Orientation Programme

On July 5 2019, N.S.S. orientation for the 1st  years was conducted by N.S.S. volunteers of 2nd   year and 3rd  year. It was held in the college auditorium at 1:30pm. The program was inaugurated by Rev. Fr. Joseph Palliparambil (Associate Manager).The paper pens made by the N.S.S. volunteers and the N.S.S. magazine were inaugurated by both associated manager and principal. The class session for the first year students was conducted by Mr. Sibin Antony.

Paper Pen Making

On July 5 2019, the paper pens which was made by N.S.S. volunteers were inaugurated. As a step towards a greener campus and greener earth, paper pen making session was conducted by the N.S.S unit of the college. The volunteers made paper pens by using magazine papers thereby reusing them. About 500 pens were made by the volunteers in two days. The sales of the paper pen was inaugurated by the Associated Manager and the principal on the day of orientation for the first year students.


Date : 11/07/2019 Residents of Chellanam village in Kochi continue to strike against the incompletion of seawall     during     the     monsoon      season      in      the      sea      erosion-prone      area.      A coastal stretch of more than a kilometre between Velankanni in Tamil Nadu and Companippady in Kerala has experienced severe erosion of shores.More than hundred families were affected by the flood in the coastal village of Chellanam. N.S.S. volunteers of St. Paul’s College became a part of building sea wall in Chellanam, Maruvakkad. There were about 45 students along with two teachers who came to be part of the help. The college management and the people of Maruvakkad cooperated on making the sea wall. It became a great success only because of the support of college management & people of Maruvakkad.


Date : 29/07/2019

It was a program conducted by the N. S.S. volunteers of St.Paul’s College, to provide necessary items to needy family every month.The necessary items were given to a poor family. The items were collected from N.S.S. volunteers. As Assam was going through its bad times, St Paul’s college kalamassery NSS unit along with the help of an NGO named GOONJ had made some initiative to help the people in Assam for flood relief . Collected material were handed over to GOONJ on 29 st July 2019 on behalf of principal DR.Shobana Michael .K, along with program officer Prof. Christy George and NSS secretaries Arundas and Rahana. Commodities were handed over to Jojo Mathew who collected the items on behalf of GOONJ.