House hold survey at UBA adopted village-Kumbalangi, Kochi by the Department of Chemistry

Date: 01.10.2020  

Unnath Bharat Abiyan (UBA) is a flagship programme of Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) that aims to enrich rural India. The mission of UBA is to enable higher educational institutions to work with the people of rural India in identifying development challenges and evolving appropriate solutions for accelerating sustainable growth. The adopted village of the chemistry department is Kumabalangy.

On 22nd July 2019, the students of chemistry department embarked on a journey to take household surveys in the Kumbalangi village of Palluruthy block in Kochi as part of UBA programme. The students along with the teacher coordinators went on and carried out surveys from house to house identifying the different central schemes received by the village residents and their grievances regarding the current situation of the village. It was a varied experience for the students. The data collected during the house hold survey was uploaded in the official site of UBA.

Gandhi Jayanthi Celebration

Date: 01.10.2020  

As a part of 150th birthday celebrations of Gandhiji, Department of Chemistry, organized a caricature drawing competition and clean campus programme. Students along with the faculty members of the department actively participated in the cleaning programme. Students also did a poster presentation on the topic “Mahatma”.

Plastic awareness Campaign at UBA adopted Village by the Department of Chemistry

Date      :               8/10/2019

In accordance with the MoU signed between the adopted Kumbalangi village and the Dept. of Chemistry, a plastic awareness campaign was done at Kumbalangy by the students of the department along with the faculty coordinators. Grievances revealed during the household survey were scarcity of water, waste disposal problem, bunged drainage system due to plastic pollutants etc. So the department decided to take an awareness campaign on the proper usage and disposal of plastics.

International Year Of Periodic Table Of Chemical Elements

Date: 18.12.2019

Department of Chemistry organised IGNITE -commemorating of 150th  year of Periodic Table, as part of which various programmes like  Inter-department powerpoint competition with theme- Women and periodic table in which students from various department participated. An Invited talk by Dr. P. Ananthapadmanabhan, Associate Professor (Retd), Maharajas College, Ernakulm   on Evolution of Periodic table was also conducted .

SAKSHAM 2020- Oil and Gas Mass Awareness Campaign

Date: February 3, 4, 5, 2020 

As a part of Oil and Gas conservation Fort night (OGCF) observation all over India, the ENCON CLUB of St.Pauls College, BPCL Kochi along with Department of Chemistry celebrated Saksham 2020   in a benefitting manner to make the students aware about the need and importance of energy conservation.  The club also organized conducted quiz, essay writing and painting competitions for the students

Break the chain campaign – Sanitizer Preparation- Department of Chemistry

Date      : 18.03.2019

As a part of the Break the chain campaign of Gov. of Kerala against the pandemic caused by novel corona virus SARS- CoV2, Covid-19 the chemistry department took the part by preparing alcohol based hand sanitizers and disturbing the same among the public free of cost. The department prepared a total of 3000 bottles of hand sanitizers and distributed it among the public, various departments, office staffs, students & to the adopted village Kumbalanghi.

Scaffolding-Helping Hand to the students of H.M.T School

STUDENT TEACHER PROGRAMME by the Department of Chemistry

Date    : 27.02.2020

One of the outreach activity and best practice of the department is scaffolding-helping hands to the students.  A student teacher programme in which PG and UG students of the department engaged chemistry classes for the high school students of the school. The classes were very interactive and demonstrated various chemistry experiments for the students.PG students took the classes for high school students. They enriched the session by demonstrating the experiments during the class.

Outreach Programme at H.M.T School – Science exhibition for school students organized by college students

Date : 28/02/2020
     Science exhibitions prove a good media and means to the young students for trying out theory into practice. The department of chemistry organized an exhibition in connection with science day celebrations 2020 for the students of H.M. T School. The   exhibition was organized in the school science lab.

MoU with Navadarshan, Archidiocese of Verapoly

An MoU was signed between the department and Navadarshan, Archdiocese of Verapoly, Navadarshan conducts training programmes for students like junior scientist Programme, Pioneer Build up Programmes which aims at identifying and developing scientific and career aptitudes in school students. Department of chemistry organizes the chemistry classes for the students registered under this programme from various schools.

A Talk on Computational Chemistry

Date : 06.06.2019

Resource Persons : Dr. Soumya T Soman, Asst.  Professor, Dept. of Chemistry, Bharata Mata College, Thrikkakkara

Report : An invited talk was organized by the Department of Chemistry on Computational Chemistry by Dr. Soumya T Soman. The talk mainly focused on the basics and applications of computational Chemistry.

World Environment Day Celebration 2019 –Workshop on Paper bag making

Date: 19.06.2019

In connection with World Environmental Day celebrations, department of Chemistry in association with ENCON club of St. Paul’s College organized a workshop on paper bag making to make awareness about environment protection.

One day seminar on Beat Air Pollution

Date : 19.06.2019

Resource Persons : Dr. Kochubaby Manjooran, Senior Manager Environment Div. BPCL-KR (Bharath Petroleum Corporation Limited- Kerala)

Report : Department of chemistry organised a one day seminar on the topic – Beat Air pollution, as a  part of World Environment day celebrations 2019. Dr. Kochubaby Manjooran, handled the session and pointed out the various causes of air pollution and the measures that have to be adopted to conserve mother nature for a better tomorrow. As a part of the programme  elocution & quiz competitions were organized by the department.

Ozone Day Celebrations 2019 – Talk on “Towards Energy Conservation and Sustainable Development”

Date : 26.09.2019

Resource Person : Dr. Honey John, Professor and Head PSRT,    CUSAT .

Report : The OZONE Day 2019 was celebrated in the college on 26th and 27 th of September 2019 was sponsored by KSCSTE Govt. of Kerala.  The programme was organized by the Dept. of Chemistry, Co-ordinated by Dr. Tresa Sunitha George, guided by Mr. Texin Joseph , Head of the Chemistry Department  and Dr. Sobhana Michael K. , Principal, St. Paul’s College on the theme “32 years and healing”. This year’s theme celebrates three decades of remarkable international cooperation to protect the ozone layer and climate under the Montreal Protocol. The agenda of the programme was to make awareness about the importance of the ozone and its protection.

Recent Research Trends in Chemistry

Date : 16.10.2019

Resource Persons : Dr.Joshy Joseph, Senior Scientist, CSIR-NIIST, Thiruvanathapuram

An invited talk was organized by Department of Chemistry on Recent Research Trends in Chemistry. The resource person Dr. Joshy Joseph inspired the students to do research in various fields of chemistry, and he familiarized the students about the various national institutes and, and how to enroll in those institutions.

Invited talk on Fundamentals of Ultrafast Spectroscopy

Date : 16.10.2019

Resource Person : Dr. Mahesh Hariharan, Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Thiruvananthapuram

Report : The seminar was organized by Department of Chemistry on fundamentals of Ultrafast Spectroscopy. The resource person Dr. Mahesh Hariharan focused on the principle and applications of ultrafast spectroscopy.

Invited talk on “Evolution of Periodic Table

Date : 30.01.2020

Resource Person: Dr. P.Ananthapadmanabhan, Asso. Professor (Retd) ,Maharajas college

Report : An Invited talk on Evolution of Periodic Table was organized by Department of Chemistry in connection with IGNITE-2019, commemorating 150 years of the periodic table. The resource person gave an inspire on the development of periodic table and the contributions of various scientists.

National Seminar on Polymer Recycling -Issues & Challenges

Date : 10.03.2020

Resource Person: Dr. Sunil S. Suresh, Research Scientist, Stelleries Intellectual Property Rights Chemistry Domain, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Report: A national seminar was organized by the department of chemistry on Polymer recycling -issues and challenges on 10. 03.2020. The resource person Dr. Sunil S Suresh discussed the importance of polymer recycling and the challenges in this field.

Workshop on preparation of value added products and Candles

Date: 12.12.2019

Report : A two day workshop on value added products has been conducted for UG and PG students by the Department of Chemistry in association with women empowerment cell. The students made bathe soaps, floor Cleaner, liquid dish wash, detergent powder, toilet cleaner, antibacterial hand wash, and candles.