The College facilitates and encourages research activities among the faculty and the students. The Department of Physics is a research centre affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University. The College is a recognized research centre of Kerala University of Fisheries and Oceanographic Studies. Four members of the faculty have registered as research guides, guiding seven research students.

Name of the guide Subject No. of Scholars
Dr. Reena J. Andrews English 4
Dr. V. J. Peter Physics 3
Dr. Manju Menon Mathematics  
Dr. Asha E. Thomas Commerce  

A Research Committee monitors and addresses the issues of research. The College publishes a multi- disciplinary Research Journal—Pauline Journal of Research and Studies. The “Research Forum” functions as a platform for creative discussions and exchange of ideas among researchers. Sixteen members of the faculty have PhDs and twenty are involved in research work leading to Ph.D. Eight minor research projects have been completed and twelve are ongoing. Fifty eight programmes with focus on capacity building in research were organized. Two teachers have availed themselves of the Faculty Improvement Programme of the UGC during the last four years. An interdisciplinary Major Research Project has been sanctioned. An application for another Major Research Project is under consideration of DST. Seventy six articles in journals, five books, and eight chapters in edited books are the major research output of the faculty. Faculty awards and recognition in the area of research include a FLAIR (Fostering Linkages in Academic Innovations in Research) International Internship, and a U. S. State Department Fulbright Scholarship.


Major Research Projects

  1. Dr. Rajeshmon V. G., Department of Physics and Dr. Rose Philo K. J.,
    Department of Chemistry have been sanctioned a Major Research Project grant from Bhabha Atomic Research Centre-BRNS, Mumbai.
  2. Dr. Rajeshmon V. G., Department of Physics submitted a Major Research Project
    under young scientist fellowship scheme to Department of Science and Technology (DST). The title of the project is ‘Development of low cost solar cell using Cu2ZnSnS4 as absorber layer’.

Minor Research Projects

  • Dr. Asha E Thomas, “A Study on Role of Micro Finance Enterprises in Empowering Women of Kerala State.” (Completed)
  • Teresa Stephen. “Occupational Stress among Married and Unmarried Working Women in Kerala”.
  • Dr. Rose Philo K. J., “Preparation, Characterization and Acidity Studies of Mesoporus Ce-Si-SBA-15 Modified with Transition Metals”.
  • Texin Joseph, “Preparation, Characterization and Acidity Studies of ZSM- 5 Modified with Transition Metals and Non Metal Oxides”.
  • Treasa Sunitha George, “Nanokaolin Clay Reinforced High Density Poly Ethylene Nano Composites- Thermo Mechanical and Morphological Properties”.
  • Miniamma K.C., “Job Fall in Non-Farm Sectors in Ernakulam District Due To Global Recession”. (Completed)
  • Dr. Sallyamma Job, “A Study on The Impact of Globalization on the Consumption- Saving Behavior of Households in Kerala with Special Emphasis on the Role of Women”. (Completed)
  • Sumitha Franklin, “Nature and Prospects of Clustering in Brick Industry”.
  • Justine George, “An Economic Assessment of Inclusiveness in the Growth of Cochin City”.
  • Binil Kumar M. R., “Developing Multimedia Package for Enhancing Reading Skills in Poetry for Students of Backward Communities”.
  • Deepa George, “Towards New Contours of Internal Migration: A Study of Internal Migration Problems in Ernakulam”.
  • Reena J. Andrews, “Drowning in the Mainstream: Strategies to Succeed and Survive for Dyslexic Adolescents”. (Completed)
  • Reena J. Andrews, “Human Sacrifices in Tribal Landscapes in the Works of Gopinath Mohanthy”.
  • Bini John, “Documentation and Analysis of the Folklore and Culture of Palakkad which Influenced the Works of OV Vijayan and Anitha Nair”.
  • Lima Sunny, “A Study of Academic Stress and Hampering of Aesthetic Intelligence Generated by Part- Time Employment in Under Graduate Student”.
  • Edwin Joseph, “Exercise and its Feel Good Effects on People with Alzheimer’s”. (Completed)
  • Mary Jelthruth K.V., “Solar Air Heaters Using Phase Change Materials”. (Completed)
  • Dr. Rajeshmon V. G., “Development of Cu2ZnSnS4 Absorber Layer for Thin Film Solar Cell Using Chemical Bath Deposition Techniques”.
  • Dr. Manju K. Menon, “Study on Some Problems in Interconnection Networks”. (Completed)
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